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Chili Open

$138,000 was Raised at the 26th Annual Utah Chili Open!


The Chili Open is our annual fundraiser and is the largest Rotary fundraising event in Utah. We worked with and for 6 local charities this year. We have raised over $4,200,000 to date.




The 27th Annual Utah Chili Open will be held early 2018 (TBD). 


Click here for Registration form. Available 3rd Quarter.


Click here to donate any time or become a sponsor.  Available 3rd Quarter.



100% of the proceeds go to smaller, local charities (list and links below) that directly serve people in our community.

Our charities:

Carmen B. Pingree School for Children with Autism

Cancer Wellness House

People Helping People

Holding Out Hope

Teen Challenge: 180 Ministries For Girls

The Sharing Place





Our Club poet & orator, Earl Jones, wrote this poem in honor of


our Chili Open Chair & Sargeant-at-arms, Barry Bank.





Our Rotary Man




                                                He’s always there early,


                                                attending to things.


                                                He has plenty to do on his mind.


                                                He’s a little bit burly.


                                                His hair isn’t curly,


                                                but no one can say he’s unkind.




                                                He’s an icon, no doubt,


                                                as he scurries about,


                                                looking for members to fine.


                                                He’s after our money.


                                                We all find him funny.


                                                His cause is always sublime.




                                                He’s the man who’s in charge


                                                of our focal event.


                                                It’s not easy in these downturn times.


                                                He comes up with the rent.


                                                He is heaven-sent.


                                                May his name be forever enshrined.




                                                As he willingly serves,


                                                no one gets on his nerves.


                                                He is always the one to thank.


                                                He’s the man who comes through


                                                as good as brand new.


                                                You guessed it! He’s our Barry Bank!



        -- Earl Jones